Heavy: Episode 8

[Author’s note: Sorry this post comes way too late. I was preparing for a performance of a “Fat Fuck” excerpt at “Weird and Awesome with Emmett Montgomery” last Sunday. (By the way, I KILLED IT.) And then I was writing a grant to get some money to support the production of “Fat Fuck.” And then … Continue reading Heavy: Episode 8

Heavy: Episode 6

Episode 6 of “Heavy” was different than all the others in so many ways. The clients were taken to a new facility (the Hilton Head Health in South Carolina) where they stayed for six full months rather than the usual one and then five more at home. Like “Intervention,” there was more of a focus … Continue reading Heavy: Episode 6

Heavy: Episode 5

Episode five of “Heavy” had the most ideal client pairing, Kevin, a 597 lb. 39-year-old father of three, and Flor, a 309 lb. 39-year-old mother of three. Besides being the same age, both had spouses and children who were also overweight. Both had families where food was an essential element of their bonding. And both … Continue reading Heavy: Episode 5

Heavy: Episode 4

Episode four, by far, is my least favorite “Heavy,” to date, for two reasons. 1) The show itself seemed to be missing something by skirting around the real issues of the clients, Lindy, a 285 lb. 37-year-old mother of two clearly suffering from a serious bout of depression after a divorce and lengthy custody battle, … Continue reading Heavy: Episode 4

Heavy: Episode 3

At the beginning of the second episode of “Heavy,” I was convinced the clients wouldn’t make it, but the third one had a different feel. It was more like an episode of Intervention, telling the back stories of the clients, Ashley, a 26-year-old alcoholic weighing in at 296 lbs, and Sharon, a 47-year old, 366-pound … Continue reading Heavy: Episode 3

Heavy: Episode 2

[Author’s note: Sorry this post comes a few days late. I was preparing for a performance of a “Fat Fuck” excerpt at the Off-Hours Reading Series in Seattle on Thursday. If you want to know, I absolutely killed it!) Fifteen minutes into the second episode of “Heavy” I was convinced it wouldn’t be a success … Continue reading Heavy: Episode 2

Heavy: Episode 1

After the first episode of Heavy, A&E’s new documentary series best described as “Intervention” for fat people, I’m already hooked. Like the aforementioned “Intervention” and “Hoarders,” Heavy follows two dangerously overweight people through a six-month regimen of weight loss, counseling and medical & nutritional advice, or “reprogramming” as Jodi, one of the two clients in … Continue reading Heavy: Episode 1