I’m Not Saying “Good-bye”—I’m Saying “See You Around”

One thought on “I’m Not Saying “Good-bye”—I’m Saying “See You Around””

  1. Brian, there’s no doubt you have definitely inspired me. Even while away on the east coast at college, I’ve thought of you — your amazing journey and all the fun and art you’ve stirred up around the House through the years. Your essay here brings back so many great memories. Just the other day, I stumbled on that CD that Ben, I mean Macklemore, signed for me way back when. You won’t regret one minute of the extra time you’ll get to spend with your “not a baby anymore” son. I mean that. You’ll never doubt it’s the best decision ever. And best of luck with the book. I’m home for the summer and will definitely stop in for some “Cheap Wine & Poetry” and “Cheap Beer & Prose.” Not sure I’ll be in town for the Lit Series. Love & all the best, ~Anthea

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