Observations of a Baby Daddy #7: Baby-proofing

3 thoughts on “Observations of a Baby Daddy #7: Baby-proofing”

  1. It’s amazing that my generation survived: no outlet covers, no seatbelts, no baby seats, riding free in the back seats of pickup trucks, poisonous cockroach pills scattered around the house (yes, I ate one). Which is why our children are smart enough to use all of the gadgets around these days: because only the strongest amongst us survived to reproduce. Childproofing your home, see, is anti-Darwin. But you do in the end get attached enough to the little buggers to tolerate the latches on the knife drawer and screw survival of the fittest.

  2. We semi-baby-proofed… mostly outlet covers (with cool plates that slid away so you could plug in the vacuum), the gate for the stairs (a must have!), a few locks for critical cabinet doors. We never got the fireplace bumper (hence our kids both got little forehead gashes or black eyes, but they survived) or the toilet lock (never was a problem) and definitely didn’t lock every cabinet or drawer (that would have driven me crazy!). Mostly the challenge was keeping dangerous things up high and small things off the floor, and certain rooms like the office were closed off and could only be enjoyed by baby while inside the portacrib. Oh, Johnny Jump Up worked, too.

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