Observations from a Baby Daddy #6

4 thoughts on “Observations from a Baby Daddy #6”

  1. One negative thing every parent is told, but that cannot be appreciated until the kid is actually born, is the old “get some sleep now” advice that every parent loves to give expectant parents. Expectant parents have no way of even imagining how much a newborn will disrupt their sleep patterns, nor how long this will last. That’s the one bit of naysayer advice we heard that has turned out to be true for us. Brandon is 3 in August, and I can count nights where he went down at bedtime and woke up at a reasonable hour with my fingers, and probably have one or two to spare. He’s a perfectly healthy kid, but man does he suck at sleeping.

    1. People told us that all the time, too–get your sleep now–but sleep isn’t cumulative. You need some everyday, which is one of the hardest parts about being a new parent in the world. You sleep very little in the beginning and can’t function as well, and sometimes you don’t even know it until you look in the mirror (which, too, happens less when you are a new parent) and see the dark circles and the worn expressions.

      Sonny has been a pretty good sleeper. We put him down around 8, and he’s usually up by 5 or 6. He doesn’t nap very well, which Jaime says he gets from his daddy. I sleep 6-7 hours on a good night and can’t ever nap.

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