99 Problems But a Baby Ain’t One

5 thoughts on “99 Problems But a Baby Ain’t One”

  1. Nice work McGuigan. When my friend Pete had a kid a couple of years after mine, he said “I never realized how much having a kid would affect your spontaneity!” I told him: “Oh, that’s only for the first 30 years.” See you around and congratulations. Prepare yourself for some bad gifts.

  2. My dad’s father killed himself when my dad was just 6 years old. To this day, he gets choked up talking about it. He says just about the same thing you did in your post – that seeing me and my sister as little girls, or later, pictures of himself as a 5 year old just made him think How could any dad do that? I think it made him such a committed father, the kind of dad who always tells me how proud he is of me and how much he loved being my dad, how much he missed us whenever we were away as kids, at summer camp or whatever. I also think being able to see himself as someone else’s innocent kid was also important – realizing that at 6, he had been just as innocent and deserving of protection and love as his own beloved daughters were was a big deal for him and his grown-up sense of self. Best of luck to you and Sonny, fierce Dad.

  3. Your dad was not a fully grown up man, no matter how old he was. You are. And I’m sorry you didn’t have a real man-father in your life, but in spite of the odds, you’ve grown into a man. Being a real father and a real husband is the greatest work you can ever do. And you’re up to it. And you do good work, at Hugo House and in your poetry, besides.

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