5 thoughts on “#grownfolksproblems”

      1. I’m just glad you’re embracing the idea of left-handedness. And footedness, of course.

        Hey, I really what you have to say about being a “whiz kid” vs. being one of the grown folks. I feel the clock ticking all the time and worry about a time when I won’t look like I’m sixteen anymore. But I think maybe when a person does something cool and is especially young, that fact is just an extra point of interest–when it comes down to it, age isn’t that important, just fascinating. It doesn’t actually contribute to or take away from any achievement, it just adds to the conversation.

        At the Lit Series last night, I heard a woman refer to you as “the young guy” who is now hosting the event, so I don’t think you should feel too old.

  1. Not left-handedness–both-handedness. The left-hand is the hand of the devil, but both hands mean you have the power of good and evil combined.

    Age isn’t that important–it’s the accomplishments. It’s where you are at 60, not 30, or, in your case, 22. 😛 But the transition is still a challenge, at least for me. Balancing the person I am with the person I’m expected to be.

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