I Have Never Michael Vick-ed a Goat

2 thoughts on “I Have Never Michael Vick-ed a Goat”

  1. Goats get a bad rap—hence: ARod was the goat. Or, he got my goat… I still can’t believe that story of the guy that was gored. he must have provoked that goat in some way. A goat doesn’t possess the IQ to be vindictive like that. I was raised on a goat farm. They are sweet loving creatures. The females can rear up and drive a horn into you, one must be somewhat cautious around them. The males w horns are easily subdued. I used to wrestle goats all the time as a kid when they easily outweighed me. Not that much effort is necessary.

    1. Knowing that you were raised on a goat farm brings a special delight to me, Larry.

      I’ve read some more about the guy who was gored by the goat. The park rangers had been watching the goat for years because it had been aggressive towards other hikers. Maybe it was just an asshole?

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