Can I Offend Wives and Farmers in One Post?

2 thoughts on “Can I Offend Wives and Farmers in One Post?”

  1. I prefer the term Muscle Tee, it’s all I run in during the summer. Also, this weekend I made an amazing batch of chili and when Elissa comment on how good it was I let her in on my secret ingredient. No sleeves. Chili can only be made while wearing a sleeveless shirt.

  2. when in Arizona earlier this summer I put on a bikini for the first time since I had my first baby (1995) and can tell you this: stretch marks look better when they’re tanned over! I know all about that shame, Bri. I’m pretty sure I was the only new mommy in my circles who didn’t lose all her baby fat within 6 months, and in mommy culture that’s translated to mean “bad mommy.” Sixteen years later I know so much better than to believe that bullshit, and yet it took a lot of courage to put on that bikini (which I only wore in private). But who cares, the sun felt good, my skin is nice and golden and I feel great. Went and bought a second suit, even!

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