Ask a Father: A Running List of Questions

4 thoughts on “Ask a Father: A Running List of Questions”

  1. Fathers can read Tucker Max, they just can’t emulate him. If you have a son you should give him a copy of “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell” before college and say, don’t act like this. If it’s a daughter say STAY THE HELL AWAY from any guy like this. Of course, by telling her to stay away it will only cause her to fall in love with the first Bud light swilling frat boy, in light jeans, flip flops, a puka shell necklace and backwards white hat.

  2. 1) How is being a dad different from being a mom? (Moms, please chime in here.)
    It depends on if you have a boy or a girl. The relationship you share has a lasting effect on how your child will have relationships with other people. For example, if you have a girl, the father plays a CRUCIAL role in giving her enough love, attention, and confidence so that she doesn’t become a promiscuous slut looking for attention from any guy that’s willing to look her direction. If you have a boy, the mother plays a crucial role in developing a loving and trusting relationship with her son and teaching him how to treat a woman right. Naturally BOTH parents are important regardless of what gender the child is; they are role models and at some point the girls wanna be just like mommy and the boys wanna be just like daddy. Something I did notice though: Even though I like to play sports and rough house … our baby girl, starting at 4 months old, would look to daddy for play time and mommy for holding and feeding. It’s like this natural instinct that the mother is the nurturer and daddy is the active/play house. And this was long after breast feeding so it wasn’t an equipment issue!

    2) Have you said or done something to your kid and instantly thought, “Well, I hope this little bugger gets a job with insurance because there goes a few thousand in therapy bills”?
    Not yet, but no parent is perfect. As long as you love your child with every bone in your body, you’ll do just fine!

    3) Can a father listen to Odd Future?
    HELL MOTHER FUCKING NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was the most disturbing video I have EVER seen in my life! I almost threw up my fiber one bar and green tea…. UUHHGGUHGUHGUH! And once you hold that child in your arms you will NOT want to expose her (yes, I think it’s a girl) to anything that nasty! I’m not saying shelter her at all! That would be just as bad. But ease her into this world.

    So… I just re-read the question. Yes, you can listen to it, but don’t EVER, eva, eva, eva, eva, eva … have that video around your child! That would have a worse impact than any playboy magazine or Freddy Krueger movie ever made. Basically, your #2 question would become your reality. I’m just sayin.

    4) And read Tucker Max? Sure.

    5) But not watch “Law and Order: SVU” because it makes him “afraid to bring a child into a world of suffering”? Funny, I used to watch SVU ALL the time until I had my baby girl. Now I have 23 episodes built up on my DVR and haven’t watched them in months!

    6) And, finally, what’s it like to share a boob with a baby? It’s kinda funny feeling … my husband would even put her up to one side and him on the other just to mess with me. I guess it depends on how much you like breast milk; because after momma stops breast feeding, you don’t have to share anymore.

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