Johnny Drama, Eat Your Heart Out

5 thoughts on “Johnny Drama, Eat Your Heart Out”

  1. My calves are something I’m proud of too, but only because about 2-3 years ago I was running down East Lake when a car full of teenage chicks drove past me and one girl yelled out the window, “I want to lick your calves.” Before that moment I never thought calves were something girls paid much attention to, but now I spend a little more time doing the stairs just for that reason.
    I got my info for the Sweedish 5K in the mail yesterday,

  2. Chicks dig calves. I wish I had a story like yours, man. I hope you tell your future nephew that story. 😉

  3. I always thought calves were the male equivalent to fancy purses. Guys only got them to impress other guys and girls could care less. Yup, it’s true ladies, no guy has very once said “Dude, that chick purse is so hot.”

  4. @ Steve – The male equivalent of designer purses are balls. Guys seem really proud/weirdly competitive about their ball size but I have never heard a woman say “oh my god, his balls are SO big,” in a good way.

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