One thought on “McRunner”

  1. “It’s as simple as burn more calories than you take in.”

    It’s really not, though. Here’s what I believe:

    In my experience, it’s much more complex than calories-in-calories-out. If I eat a shitload of calories but only eat vegetables, meat, good fats (I don’t exclude saturated fats from good), and a small amount of fruit and nuts, I lose weight. If I eat, for weeks, 1400 calories of carby weight watchers frozen meals with a dessert of a third of a Three Musketeers bar and a breakfast of oatmeal, I will not lose any weight. It’s not as simple as calories because our bodies just aren’t simple. Trying to make weight loss or diet sound simple is a losing game.

    It’s not as simple as exercise to counterbalance eating, either, because, again, we’re all different. Genes, medications, chronic conditions, etc., all factor into how we gain and lose fat and where our bodies put it. I don’t mean this as an excuse for being fat. I mean it as an argument against the idea that losing weight can be easy. It’s just not, and that’s why weight loss can be such an accomplishment for many of us. Being healthy is something worth working hard for, because it feels really good.

    Speaking of work, something that’s been true for me, from the same website: “80% of your body composition will be determined by your diet. Yes, exercise is also important to health and to speed up fat-burning and muscle-building, but most of your results will come from how you eat. I’ll write more on this later, so just trust me on this one for now. Suffice to say, people who weigh a ton and exercise a ton, but eat a ton, still tend to weigh a ton. ” (

    Maybe not true for all of us, but true for some of us.

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