So… We Were Wrong…

3 thoughts on “So… We Were Wrong…”

  1. This one may be too late for you in mid-october, but it’s pretty fun…albeit a little kick-butt going up the hill, but the second half is downhill. Maybe for your second 5K? My goal was to beat the old guy and his pug, dressed in WSU matching sweaters. There’s also the Furry 5K in Seward Park, also ran with dogs.

  2. I think the obvious way to do this is screw the marathon and just have a good ole-fashioned race between you and steve. We can dress both of you as women/wookies (not to imply that these are interchangeable) and weigh steve down to see who wins. Furthermore, we could outfit you in stilsuits from the book “Dune” to collect your sweat and repurpose it for, say, keeping a baby seal alive in my bathtub. Not to imply that I’ve stolen a baby seal.

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