Skinny People Like Me, Too Part Two

6 thoughts on “Skinny People Like Me, Too Part Two”

  1. I’m trying to figure out how this is analogous to The Wire. Maybe “Alive and Aware Natural Foods,” who sold me the 6 lb package on Amazon, is Avon Barksdale. You might be D’Angelo. He’s the thinking type. I’m definitely Namond. Although I might be Bubbles, because I use the whole half of the package myself. Steve is possibly Marlo because he gets a separate package from Alive and Aware. Actually, you might be Bodie, because you, at one time, were in on Steve’s shit, and then you changed allegiances. Better watch your back: Marlo is a mean motherfucker.

    1. I’m definitely Bodie! He’s my favorite hopper because he starts at the bottom, takes nobody’s shit and eventually makes some power moves and moves on up. That’s basically been my life–though I am partial to D’Angelo because of that great scene in season one where he preaches to the hoppers about the game through chess.

      I’m so glad you turned this into The Wire…

      1. Yes. Namond never fell down drunk on the beach after asking a stranger for the location of the beach. Sometimes, I do feel that I have let a water balloon full of urine burst in my hands before I could hurl it at someone else. But Namond escapes the mean streets of Bodymore, Murdaland to live a better life. I’m never gonna leave the game. Chia for life.

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