Okay. I Am Officially Running This 5K.

2 thoughts on “Okay. I Am Officially Running This 5K.”

  1. thanks for the post Brian(aka the skinniest fat person I have ever known)….just motivated me to finally cross running-a-marathon off my bucket list…from the glimpse I had of your competitive nature (wiffle ball), I feel that upon completion of said 5K, you will not be satisfied and proceed to sign up for longer runs….i believe in you Brian…good luck…
    Ramiro–aka carlos’ bigger/more handsome brother

    1. Ramiro!

      I hope you’re right, man, but if you keep reading, you’ll see I am not a runner. I’m still adjusting to the bloody nipple thing, and I haven’t even hit the pavement. I am lifting though, which would make your fat–and ugly!–brother proud, so if the running thing doesn’t pan out, I’ll still be able to take you to the gun show.

      Thanks for reading and for the support.

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