Skinny People Like Me, Too

9 thoughts on “Skinny People Like Me, Too”

  1. Have you seen this chart? I posted it for our blog at work and it got people to take Vitamin D as well. Until I saw it I hadn’t realized that it’s actually next to impossible to get enough sunlight in the winter, regardless of how sunny it is, so that it’s cloudy more often than not really doesn’t help. We’re just too far north.

    1. I hadn’t seen that chart before, but wow. That’s, um, fucked up! It explains why fish is eaten so much in the Pacific NW–it’s one of the few natural sources of vitamin D, particularly salmon.

    2. p.s. Is that your stomach in your avatar photo, Alexis? If so, it reminds me how badly I need to get my crunch on. I have abs of play-dough. 🙂

  2. After hearing you talk about it again on Wednesday, I was reminded to add it to my pill box again. Took 2000 this morning. They’re lemon gel caps, so my burps taste not bad. (Related: I don’t fuck with fish oil.) Between D and chia, I am taking over the world this afternoon.

    1. Keep it up, Elissa.

      And I’m with you on the fish oil. I took for two days and had to stop because the fish burps made me want to vomit.

  3. Brian, a “happy light” will do the same thing. Just 20 minutes a day gives you a day’s worth of D. Also helps me prevent sleep attacks (who knew you’d be served well by a tip from a narcoleptic!).

  4. PSPS At my December annual checkup my doc said I was the first patient he’d seen ALL YEAR who didn’t have vit D deficiency. In December, no less!

  5. Tamara!

    You’re such a mom! So full of good advice!

    I’ve heard about the “happy light,” but have never tried one. The vitamin D works for me though. My energy level is high, and my moods stay even–well, even for a writer, that is.

    Now if only I can get myself to the doctor. I have an innate fear, which I’ll be writing about soon, too.


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