Skinny Fat

15 thoughts on “Skinny Fat”

  1. Well, you are welcome to run the 5K with me and Steve. Even with all that pie, I’m sure you can run faster than me, Lebo.

      1. There’s beer at the end! I can’t bake like Kate, but I do know how to go to QFC and buy one.

  2. I was doing so well with the “this isn’t me”, but then I got to the Buffy reruns and gave up. (And put away the chips ahoy, to boot.)

  3. Shoot. Though I don’t go in for cheese doodles, I never lift weights, either. I fear I fit into your skinny fat category!

    1. I shouldn’t say you only have to lift weights. Yoga, swimming, sports–they all work, in varying degrees, towards building muscle, which is what skinny fat people are missing.

      Also, skinny fat isn’t a category I made up. As the “obesity epidemic” has grown, doctors and other health professionals are realizing that weight isn’t the perfect barometer of health and fitness. BMI isn’t either. Neither accounts for muscle mass vs. body fat, which is why body fat percentage and inches are becoming better measurements for health and fitness. I don’t know what doctor coined the term “skinny fat,” but it’s something I’ve been hearing and reading about for the last year or so.

  4. I did an Olympic distance triathlon YEARS ago and weighed more then than I do now, so weight = health is clearly not a good equation. One always hears about weight lifting building bone density in ladies, so I do feel guilty about my lack of lifting attributing to flimsy bones. I’d much rather swim and do yoga, but that means I have to find a way to break free of my winter torpor, first. Chia seeds?

    1. Chia seeds, for sure. I’ve been on the stuff for 7 weeks now, and it has changed my life. I’m presenting an excerpt of my show this Sunday at Annex Theatre on chia seeds, which will include the health benefits as I’ve discovered and two small side effects, one of which only affects men. 😉

  5. If you rent old movies from the 50s, 60s, 70s, etc., esp. with crowd scenes and lots of actor extras, you see clearly how different the average American crowd looked back then–not muscled at all, but every single person from 10 to 30 pounds lighter than today. It’s shocking!

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