Heavy: Episode 6

4 thoughts on “Heavy: Episode 6”

  1. Totally disagree. This was the best episode hands down. Better formatting, and opportunity for the two “heavies” to lose more weight.

    1. But… why? What made the episode actually better?

      Also, as I wrote in my original post, sure, the new regimen where they stay at “the facility” for six months does produce better reveals; however, it doesn’t actually provide the “heavies” with the skills to assimilate their “new” lifestyles with their “old” ones. Life has so many stresses that it’s hard to maintain a dedication to fitness and weight loss when you’re used to living your life a certain way for so long. Both Ronnie and Debbie, in my opinion, are the most likely to yo-yo because they never learned how to balance the stress with healthy eating and strong exercise habits. So, yes, they did have the opportunity to lose more weight, but like Beverly said, they “don’t know shit about keeping it off, which truly is the hard part and what this episode was missing.

  2. I’m joining the campaign to bring David Richardson back. Nothing against the Hilton Head folks, they are rad and all, but come on, how the hell could you ever get more motivating than DR!!!! That dude is the shit and the newer episodes just don’t have the guns that DR brings to the weight room. Come on A&E.

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